Stroud FM was a Community Radio Station. Which no longer exists.
the domain is availabe for anyone to acquire -get in touch

contact form/email to Mr Red for any queries regarding "stuff" on this page

A project was born during the existence of Stroud FM - to go into the "Community"** and record
audio memories of the old days which was defined as pre 1970 - principally for focus,
and to leave space for some enterprising young dudes to do "their thing" which would be
an era more consistent with their concept of "old".

With thanks to those that contributed, and we still want to record more people.
And special thanks to Ann Townsend, and Sheila Allen for assisting in the interviews
Though interview is a bit hi-falutin' - they are conversations.
And the help of Remembering Rodborough, and Stonehouse History Group for their recordings

go to Stroud Voices - opens in new tab
includes a subject search engine and village/town story lists, "Keep Stroud Weird" images, etc,

**the wider Stroud area ie the SDC desmene

Oh and Mr Red's other endeavours are: - interactive maps of Stone Stiles in Gloucs (& GB generally)
& in the drop-down menu - Toll Houses, milestones, fingerposts, boundary stones, wayside crosses, etc
with a LatLong &/or OSGR/BNGR based search (+ some towns & villages) - Folk venue/event lists - pub sessions/Folk Clubs, Festivals, dance dates etc
mostly in the SW of England, ie centred on Stroud (where else?)

There is a lot more hiding in subdomans so scout around the web pagea and...